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How to Use Equipment
Hoop Tunnel



The hoop tunnel is a tunnel-shaped equipment that can help children develop large and small muscles through various activities such as crawling through and jumping on both feet.

precautions : Before starting the activity, please ensure that the equipment is properly assembled and securely fastened. If the equipment comes apart or breaks during the activity, there is a higher risk of injury to children.




The Hoop Tunnel is an educational equipment made of vertical tunnels.
Children can pass through the Hoop Tunnels and jump over them.

These activities develop children's flexibility and help them develop their large and small muscles.

When introducing the Hoop Tunnel to children, hold the hoop like a steering wheel and pretend like you are driving a car.

Mentioning other round objects like necklaces and earrings may attract children's attention.
Making the activity fun and entertaining can also help children stay focused.

Firstly, demonstrate to the children how to pass through the hoop tunnel so they can see it firsthand. After that, show them how to jump over the hoop. Teach them two different ways to pass through the hoop. Jumping and crawling.

Recommended scripts. 

“Who wants to go on a trip with Me?”

“Haha. Everyone says, “Listen”.”

Listen with your big ears!  No..!

“How about my giant necklace?”

“No. Guys look!” 

“This is for you to go through”.

“ You can jump inside and out of the tunnel.”

“Say, Hoop Tunnel!”


It is always good for children to ask questions and induce answers.

Children's concentration and participation in classes increase through questions and answers.

Individual activities

A. Jump in and out of the Hoop.

The first recommended activity is called the "in and out jump" 

Position the hoops according to each child's jump interval and demonstrate how to do the activity.

Another good method is to place additional obstacles after the hoop course, allowing children to return to their starting point.

This can add to the challenge and make the activity more engaging for the children.

To make the activity more engaging, you can also play exciting music while the children navigate the course safely.

Recommended scripts. 

“ Jump inside and out of the Tunnel.”

“In, out, in and out.”

“Run on the plates and run through the cones!”


remind children not to push their friends or step outside of the designated line,
as hoop tunnels can be tripping hazards.

Carefully arrange the hoops based on each child's age and physical abilities to ensure their safety.

B. Crawl through the Hoop.

The second activity is called "crawling through hoops."

If children simply crawl through the hoops, the activity may become too easy.

To add more challenge to the course, it is recommended to set up one hoop in a vertical position and another hoop in a horizontal position.

Tell the children that they must go through the hoop all the way out.

Do a demonstration of the course.

After passing the hoop course, the demonstration ends when you cross the obstacle course and return to the starting position.

Recommended scripts. 

“Jump inside again.”

“You have to bend down and crawl through.”

“Can you stand up in the middle of going through?”

“No. Fully go through the Hoop!”

“Crawl all the way out of the Tunnel.”


Always look carefully and lead the activities so that the children do not trip over.

C. Zig zag through the Hoop.

The third activity is "crawl and zig zag through the hoops."

Line up the hoops in a straight line to prepare for the activity.

Demonstrate crawling through the hoops one by one.

Recommended scripts. 

“Crawl and zig zag through the Hoops!”

“If you touch the tunnel, you have to fix it nicely.”

“Can you kick your friend? No.”

“Can you get too close to your friend? No.”


Before starting the activity, ensure that there is enough space to prevent children from bumping into each other or getting hurt.

This will ensure that the course is not overcrowded and that each child can complete the course safely and without interruption.

Team activities

A. Donut Race!

The next activity is a team game called "Donut Race."

The game starts with donut-shaped equipment in the middle.

Place the hoops on both sides evenly and place the basket on each start point to prepare for the activity.

Divide the children into two teams and prepare them for the game.

Instruct the children to only take one donut each time they pass.

Guide the children to put the donuts in their team basket after they pass through the hoops.

Recommended scripts. 

“I’m going to split you into two teams.”

“Apple team and Orange team.”

“When I say go, crawl through the tunnel,”

“come to the middle and grab ONE donut ring.”

“If you grab TWO, you have to go back and “

“do it again. After you grab ONE,”

“run back and put the ring inside the bucket.”


Please guide the children well so that they don't bump into each other while passing through the hoop in a hurry.

B. Crawling backwards

The next and last activity is 'Crawling backwards'.

This activity can be done right after the "Donut Race" to shorten preparation time.

It is also a team activity in which children crawl through the hoops backwards and make their way to the center.

Children hold only one donut in their hands, pass through the hoop backwards, and put the donut in the middle basket.

If all activities are completed safely and enjoyably, the hoop tunnel class will be finished.

Recommended scripts. 

 “Hold the donut ring and crawl backwards”

“through the tunnel.”

“Put the donut inside the bucket and run back.”


Please guide the children well so that they don't bump into each other while passing through the hoop in a hurry.


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