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How to Use Equipment



The parachute is a versatile piece of equipment that can provide a range of fun and engaging physical activities for kids. Through parachute games, children can improve their physical coordination and social skills while promoting physical activity and exercise. The equipment can also be used for activities that encourage teamwork and cooperation.




When introducing stacking cups to children, it is important to make it fun and interactive. You can pretend to drink water or explain how to use the cups with fun actions. Asking questions to children and inducing answers is also a great way to encourage concentration.

Recommended scripts. 

"What does this look like?"

"Is this a cape??"

"Is this a blanket? No."

"This is a Parachute!"


It is always good for children to ask questions and induce answers.

Children's concentration and participation in classes increase through questions and answers.


Caution the children to hold the fabric of the parachute and not the handles, as the handles can easily tear off.

A. 'Sleeping Time'

The first activity is called "Sleeping Time."

This activity involves the children holding the parachute and lying down with their faces under it.

This simple activity helps children learn how to hold the parachute properly.

When the teacher signals, the children can warm up by kicking the parachute while lying down, providing an opportunity for some physical exercise.

Recommended scripts.

"Alright, children, it's time for our first activity, Sleeping Time."

Everyone, grab a section of the parachute and lie down on your backs underneath it, with the fabric covering your face."

"Make sure to hold the parachute tightly and keep it spread out so that everyone is covered."

"When I say go, start kicking your legs to create some waves under the parachute. Ready? Go!"

"Keep kicking and moving your legs to create bigger waves."

"Alright, that was great!"

"Everyone can sit up now and let's move on to the next activity."

B. 'Big Pizza'

The second activity is called "Big Pizza."

In this activity, children work together to make waves with the parachute, moving it up and down or side to side.

When the teacher shouts "Eagle," the children must quickly stop making waves and go under the parachute as if they are hiding under a giant pizza.

This activity helps children practice cooperation and quick reactions while having fun with the parachute.

Recommended scripts. 

"Everyone, grab a section of the parachute and hold it up high in the air."

"Let's all make some waves by moving the parachute up and down or side to side. Good job, keep it up!"

"When I shout 'Eagle', quickly stop making waves and go under the parachute as if you're hiding under a giant pizza. Ready?"

"Remember, you need to be quick to get under the parachute and stay there until I say 'Freeze'. Great job, let's keep going!"

"Excellent work, everyone! That was a lot of fun. Let's take a short break and move on to the next activity."

D. Dumpling

The third activity is called "Dumpling." In this activity, one or two children are placed in the middle of the parachute while the other children shake the parachute to make waves. 
When the teacher gives a signal, the children quickly wrap the parachute around the child in the middle. When doing this activity, children should practice wrapping the parachute without having a child in the middle at first. This activity helps children build trust and cooperation.

Recommended scripts. 

One or two children will stand in the middle of the parachute, while the others hold the edges."

"When I give the signal, the children around the parachute will make waves by shaking it, while the children in the middle try to keep their balance."

"When I give another signal, everyone must quickly wrap the parachute around the child in the middle."

"Remember, we'll practice wrapping the parachute without a child in the middle first. Safety is important."

"Great job, everyone! Let's take a short break and move on to our next activity."


Practice wrapping the parachute when the child is not in the middle.

C. Popcorn

The third activity is 10-Cup Castle. This is a cooperative game where two children work together to move cups from one place to another. One child takes a cup from a stack and delivers it, while the other child receives the cup and stacks it in a designated spot. The goal of the child who stacks the cups in the designated spot is to create a cup castle with a specific structure. They should stack four cups on the bottom row, three on top of those, two on top of those three, and finally one cup at the top. When completed, the stack will resemble a castle with a pointed top. Children can develop cooperation in the process of delivering cups.

Recommended scripts. 

"Okay, now it's time for our last activity: Popcorn!"

"We're going to place some balls on the parachute, and then we'll work together to make waves and bounce the balls around."

"Remember, we want to be safe and not get too excited, so let's make sure we follow the rules."

"When we're done, we'll need to collect all the balls that have fallen off the parachute. Be careful not to go under the parachute or you might slip!"

"Alright, let's have some fun and make some popcorn!"


Before starting the activity, ensure that there is enough space to prevent children from bumping into each other or getting hurt.


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