How to Use Equipment 



The racket is equipment that is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle,with a mesh net in the middle that can be used to catch and toss a soft, lightweight ball. The objective of the equipment is to toss the ball back and forth between the rackets without dropping it,which can help to develop children's hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and social skills.




When introducing the rackets to children,it can be helpful to encourage them to use their imaginations and pretend that the racket is a different object,such as an electric mosquito net or another similar item.This can help to capture their attention and make the activity more enjoyable.

Recommended scripts. 

"Today we have this. What is this?"

"Can I kill flies with this? No." 

"It is used for balancing and hitting the ball."


It is always good for children to ask questions and induce answers.

Children's concentration and participation in classes increase through questions and answers.


After introducing the equipment to the children, make sure to remind them not to play with the cups or engage in other pranks. If the cups are broken or scattered, someone could get hurt by stepping on the pieces. Safety is our top priority, so let's all be careful.

A. Balance the ball

Place the ball on the racket and balance it while turning around a cone before delivering it to a friend.

Recommended scripts. 

"Balance the ball on the racket and walk around the cone."

"Pass the racket nicely to your friend."

"Can you swing the racket? No. Can you run? No. "

"Can you run? No."


Be careful not to swing the racket, throw the ball, or run, and make sure there is enough space between cones to prevent children from bumping into each other.

B. Racket Dribble

Use a racket to dribble a ball on the floor while trying to maintain control.
Pass the racket to the next person after turning around a cone to complete one round.


Communicate effectively with the children to prevent them from rushing and encourage them to pass the racket smoothly.

C. Balance and Hit the Balloon!

Balances balloons with a racket, hits the balloon to the opponent in the middle, receives each other's balloons well, balances them with the racket, and returns to the next person.

Recommended scripts. 

"Hold the racket and put the balloon on the racket."

"Carry the balloon and keep it on the racket."

"Stop at the cone. Your friend does the same thing."

"Hit the balloon over the net. Take it back to your line."


Arrange cones so that children have enough space to work and be careful not to hit the children's balloons with their face when sending them.

D. Use Two Rackets

Hit a balloon with two rackets and go in front of the cone, hit the balloon to the other person, fly it, catch the balloon with the racket, and return to the back and deliver the racket and balloon to the next person.

Recommended scripts. 

"You need two rackets."

"Touch the balloon using both rackets."

"Touch, touch the balloons and hit the balloon."

"with the two rackets. Try to hit it over the net."

E. Hit the Snowball

Put small white balls called snowballs on the floor.

Demonstrate picking up the ball and hitting it onto the net using a racket.


Tell children not to swing the racket as a sideway or hit the net, not to go under the net, and most importantly, not to hit their friend.

Recommended scripts.

"We have to pick up the snowball from the ground "

"and hit it over the net by using the racket!"

"Can you hit the net? No."

"Can you swing it sideways? No."

"Can you hit your friend? No."

"Can you go under the net? No."


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