Jumping Block

How to Use Equipment 
Jumping Block



The lecture is about the jumping block, an equipment with a rubber band and handle attached to a soft block.

With this equipment, children can develop a sense of balance and develop hand-foot cooperation.

It's important to introduce the jumping block to children in a fun way and emphasize safety.




When introducing the equipment to children, it's good to treat it as if it's something else and make them laugh.

Recommended scripts. 

"What is this?"

"Is this my pillow? No."

"Oh wait, is this my spongy cheese? No."

"We have a rubber band attached to the block." 

"You must hold the handle like this and jump!!"


It is always good for children to ask questions and induce answers.

Children's concentration and participation in classes increase through questions and answers.

A. Sit Ups with the Band:

Children sit, stretch their legs, put the block between their feet, hold the handle, and lie back.

Recommended scripts. 

"Run to the middle and put the block under your feet."

"Hold the handle and PULL the rubber band and

lie down on your back. (Count 1,2,3,4,5)"


Don’t let go of the handle

B. Bend Down and Stand Up

Divide the children into two teams.

Children face each other, hold the band handle, fold their legs, bend knees three times, and give high fives.

Then they go back to their places and the next kids start.

Recommended scripts. 

"Run to the middle and step on the block."

"Hold the handle and PULL the band up and down."

"Bend your knees and stand up!"

C. Drag and High Five

Children sit face to face and drag their equipment with the block on their feet, high-five with the opponent in the middle, and return to their place.


Ensure that there is a wide gap between children to prevent them from bumping into each other.

D. Jump and High-Five

Children face each other and jump in the middle, give high fives, and go back to their places.

Recommended scripts.

"Stand on the block and jump to the middle."

"High five your friend and jump backwards!"


Watch carefully and help them not to get hurt.

E. Jumping and Collecting Balls

Place the basket in the corner and sprinkle the ball in all directions.

Children should jump on the jumping block, pick up the ball, and put it in the basket.


Pay attention to safety and watch for overheating activities.


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