Hand and Foot prints

How to Use Equipment 
Hand and Foot prints



The lecture is about the Hand and Foot print, a palm- and foot-shaped equipment that allows you to jump, land, step, and balance.

These equipments help develop small and large muscles through activities such as balancing, jumping, and reorienting the body.




When introducing the equipment to children, it's good to treat it as if it's something else and make them laugh.

Recommended scripts. 

"Today we are going to play with the footprints and later handprints!"

"Can you put your hands on footprints? No."

"Can you put your ear on the handprints? No."

"Can you slap your friend's face with the footprints? No."

"You can only put your foot on the footprints!"


It is always good for children to ask questions and induce answers.

Children's concentration and participation in classes increase through questions and answers.

A. Following the Footsteps:

Position the equipment alternately, two or one.

Jump on two feet when two are placed, and jump on one foot when one is placed.

Place a cone in front of the course so that the children can take a turn and come back to their places.

Recommended scripts. 

"Stand on the plate. You are going to jump with two feet like this. 

"Two, One, Two, one and then run to the cone and run back and go around the footprints."

"Line up behind your friends."


Start slowly and teach children not to bump into each other on the return course.

B. Frog Jumps:

Set foot and hand-shaped equipment as a set.

In this activity, children can proceed with the course like frogs, putting their feet on the shape of feet and hands on the shape of hands.

Recommended scripts. 

" We are going to jump like this!"

 "Who can tell me what this is?  Yes, we are going to jump like a frog!"

"Put two feet on footprints and hands on handprints!"

"Jump over the hands like a frog! Run to the cone and Come back around the cone."


Place the equipment according to the children's jump interval.

C. Bear Crawls:

Position the hand and foot shapes alternately before the start of the activity, and place the hoop in the middle.

This activity is to walk on four legs like a bear and pass through the hoop.

Recommended scripts.

"This time, we are going to walk like a bear!"

"Do bears walk like this? No!"

"You have to bend down and put your foot on footprints and hands on handprints."

"Always keep yourself bent like this! and then go through the hoop."

"Can you stand up in the middle? No. "

"Wait, and go all the way through the hoop until your legs are through."


Be careful not to get up when the children pass through the hoop and watch them pass the course safely.

D. Keep Your Balance:

Place the equipment well in the middle.

This activity is for children to go around and one hand according to the teacher's instructions.

Keep an eye on the children so that they don't bump their heads.

Recommended scripts.

"This time, we have the circle shape!"

"We have to run around the hand and footprints and also the plates."

"Can you step on the plates? No."

"Can you step on the footprints? No. Not yet!"

"When you hear the whistle, and when I say RIGHT FOOT, 

step on the right foot and keep your balance."

"When I say left hand and Right foot, put your left hand and 

Right foot on it! Can you touch the ground? No"

"When I say, LEFT FOOT and RIGHT HAND Put your left foot and right hand on the prints." 

"Can you kick your friend behind you? No."

"Can you push your friend? No."


Let the children know the rules by asking and answering questions to prevent pushing each other.


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