Running Man

How to Use Equipment 
Running Man



The lecture is about the Running Man, which is an equipment consisting of a Velcro vest and a ball.

It is used for throwing and sticking the balls at each other's vests.

Students can improve their eye-hand coordination and sense of direction.




You should teach your students well so that they can learn how to wear vests.

Recommended scripts. 

"Today we are going to play with this Velcro Vest."

"You can stick the ball on the vest like this!"


It is always good for children to ask questions and induce answers.

Children's concentration and participation in classes increase through questions and answers.

A. Ball Relay

Set up a ball and a basket on opposite sides of the designated area and instruct the children on where to stand.

The goal is to pass the ball to the child next to the basket, who then removes the ball and places it in the basket.

When passing the ball, the children should put it behind the opponent's back.

Children can develop flexibility and social skills in the process of ball delivery.

Recommended scripts. 

"You have to pick up the ball stick it on your vest and run to your friend"

"Your friend has to unstick the ball and stick it on their vest!"

"And the last person here has to put the ball inside the basket."

B. Throw the Balls at a Friend's Vest:

Arrange the children to face each other and provide each child with a ball.

Instruct the children to throw the ball at each other's Velcro vests.

Recommended scripts. 

"This time, you have to throw the ball at your friend’s vest."

"You have to throw the ball on your friend’s vest not at your friend’s face."


Emphasize that they should not aim for the face and be careful with their movements.

Ensure that there is enough space between the children to prevent accidental collisions and injuries.

C. Jump and Stick It

Before starting the activity, make sure everyone is wearing a Velcro vest and create a designated jumping zone in the center.

Scatter the balls around the area.

This activity involves children jumping around in the designated zone, following the teacher's instructions to pick up and attach balls to their Velcro vests.

The number of balls is determined by the teacher and provides an opportunity for children to practice English numbers.

D. Candy Roll

When instructed by the teacher, children should lie down, roll, and attach the ball to their vest instead of picking it up with their hands.

Avoid placing the ball near the middle area to prevent accidental contact.


Familiarize children with precautions through questions and answers to prevent pushing or bumping into each other.

E. Shake Your Body

This activity is to shake off the balls attached to the body.

Children should be guided to remove the ball only by shaking their bodies without using their hands.

Play music to make it more enjoyable for the children.

F. Candy Bomb:

This activity is for children to sit down and avoid the ball.

Secure space in advance and decide on the movement path to ensure children can move safely.


Please be careful not to get hurt because the children are too excited.


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