UFO Board(Snail Board)

How to Use Equipment 
UFO Board



It has a round or dome-shaped bottom that can make it challenging for children to balance on, requiring them to engage their core muscles and improve their balance and coordination skills.




When introducing UFO boards to children, pay attention to safety. It explains children to use it safely because they can fall if they are misaligned, and tells them not to handle the board recklessly.

Recommended scripts. 

"Is this my pillow? No."

"Is this my belly button? No."

"This is called a snail board!"

"A board means you can stand and balance on it."


It is always good for children to ask questions and induce answers.

Children's concentration and participation in classes increase through questions and answers.


When using the UFO Board, it's important to supervise children to ensure their safety and to encourage them to start with slow and simple movements before progressing to more challenging ones.

A. Square, Circle and Board

Arrange the square and round aids, along with the UFO boards, in a designated area, leaving enough space between them for children to jump and move around comfortably.

Place the hemispherical aids randomly in the area.

Have children take turns balancing on the UFO Board and jumping inside the square and round aids.

Encourage children to avoid touching the hemispherical aids and explain that they are "poisonous mushrooms."

The activity follows the principles of one foot in a circle and two feet in a square.

Children listen to these rules in English, practice them by moving their bodies, and learn English language skills through physical activity.

Recommended scripts. 

"Step on the board, jump inside the square and put one foot on the circle."

"Open your feet at the Poisonous mushrooms! Keep going forward."


Safety rules

1. Can you jump on the board? No.

2. Can you get too close to your friends? No.

B. Walk and balance on the board.

Set up the balance boards in a designated area, making sure they are well-balanced and stable.

Place the boards in a row with enough space between them for children to walk past.

Create a second course by arranging the square and circular aids in a designated area.

Create a last course by placing cones in a designated area.

For the first course, children should walk past each board without touching the ground.

For the second course, they should jump through each aid without touching it.

For the last course, they should run through the cones without knocking any over.

Recommended scripts. 

"Step and walk on the board."

"Make sure you step on the edge of the board."

"Put two feet in the square, and one foot in the circle."

"Run through the cones and line up nicely."


Remind children to use the equipment safely and to follow any additional safety guidelines, such as avoiding running into other participants.

C. Crocodile is coming!

Arrange the UFO boards in a circle in a designated area.

Make sure the boards are well-balanced and evenly spaced.

Instruct the children to walk around the circle of boards while paying attention to the teacher's instructions.

At random intervals, announce that a crocodile has entered the room, and the children must quickly find a board and balance on it to avoid getting bitten by the crocodile.

Encourage children to focus on their balance and posture while balancing on the board, as the crocodile can sense when they touch the ground.

Recommended scripts. 

"Walk around in a circle and when you hear the whistle, balance on the board, bend down (crouch down) and don’t make any noise because Crocodiles will know that you are here!"

"If you step your foot on the ground, the crocodiles will bite your smelly toes!"


If the boards are too close to each other, consider using assistants to help maintain a safe distance between the boards and prevent children from bumping into each other.

D. Feed the Snail

Place the beads on the edge of the snail board.

Instruct the children to move the beads towards the center of the board.

If there are many children, teach them to divide into two teams and take turns.

Recommended scripts. 

"Snails love marbles!"

"We have to feed the snail by rolling the marble into the snail’s tummy!"

"You and your friend sit across from each other."

"One of you starts first, and when you finish pass the board to your friend." 

"Take turns each time you finish."

"If you drop the marble, it is your friend’s turn to do it."


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