Magic Tunnel

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How to Use Equipment
Magic Tunnel.                           


It is a tunnel-shaped equipment for kids to crawl through, throw and kick the balls. Students can improve their upper body movement, speed and sense of direction  in a tight space. 

precautions : Make sure the Magic Tunnel is set up in a safe and secure location.




When introducing the Magic Tunnel to children, it can be helpful to compare it to something they are already familiar with. For example, you could compare it to an octopus. It is always recommended that you lead the answer through questions.

Recommended scripts. 

"Today I brought this."

 "These are my Octopus legs."

"Is this an octopus? No."

"We call this a Magic Tunnel."


It is always good for children to ask questions and induce answers.

Children's concentration and participation in classes increase through questions and answers.


A. Crawl Forward

When you do a demonstration, you show that if you go in blue, you should come out blue, and if you go in yellow, you should come out yellow. To make the activity more diverse and fun, you can add a small obstacle between the tunnels and create rules for the course.This activity follows the same rules as the first activity, with the exception that this time the children will need to crawl backwards to complete the task. 

Recommended scripts. 

"You have to crawl through the blue tunnel and 

come out of the blue tunnel. Jump over the hurdles."

"Crawl through the yellow tunnel and 

come out of the yellow tunnel."


Always keep a good distance from each other and let them start so that they don't push or bump into each other.


B. Crawl backwards.

This activity follows the same rules as the first activity, with the exception that this time the children will need to crawl backwards to complete the task.

Recommended scripts. 

"This time, we have to turn around and crawl backwards."

"Don’t get too close to your friend


 It is important to note that crawling backwards may slow down the children, so it may be helpful to give them more space.

C. Throw the cheese into the hole!

This activity is to take one by one from a basket containing cheese (auxiliary equipment) collected by children, turn the tunnel once, and throw it in the middle. 

Recommended scripts. 

"Pick up the cheese slice and run around the tunnel."

"Stand on the plate that is in front of the blue or "

"yellow tunnel and throw the cheese slice into the hole."

"Line up behind your friend."


Let the children start at a sufficient distance from each other to avoid bumping into each other. To prevent children from colliding, encourage them to run in the same direction, rather than towards each other.

D. Destroy the Monster

This activity is for teachers to do with children. Place the ball at each tunnel entrance and let the children kick the ball in the middle. The teacher can release the balls back to their original starting points to repeat the activity. Be careful not to kick the ball too hard and not enter the tunnel. Please be careful not to let children kick the ball too hard into the tunnel.

Recommended scripts. 

"This game is called destroy the monster."

"I am the monster you try to kick the ball through the tunnel. "

I am going to try to kick it outside!"

"Can you kick the ball too hard?"

"Can you come inside my tunnel?"


Don't let the kids kick the ball too hard.


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