How to Use Equipment


The scoop stick is designed to be lightweight and easy to grip, allowing children to practice their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Through this activity, children can also develop their motor skills, spatial awareness, and timing.

In addition to physical development, using the scoop also encourages teamwork and social interaction. Children must work together to catch and throw the ball, which promotes communication, cooperation, and sportsmanship.

Equipment List

30 scoop sticks

50 plastic balls(pool balls)

4 buckets

6 cones

12 plates




You can then demonstrate how to use the scoop, by showing the children how to hold the handle and position the scoop to catch the ball. You can also have a few children try it out for themselves and provide feedback and guidance as needed. 

Recommended scripts. 

"Today, I brought this!"

"Who can tell me what this is?"

"This is my baby~!"

"Can you drop the baby? No!!"

"This is my ice cream~ Slurp Slurp!"

"Just kidding, this is called a Scoop!"

"because we can scoop the ball off the ground like this!"

"Who wants to play with me?"


It is always good for children to ask questions and induce answers.

Children's concentration and participation in classes increase through questions and answers.


It's important to make sure that the children understand the proper technique for using the scoop and are aware of any safety precautions, such as not throwing the ball too hard or using the scoop inappropriately.


A. Rock the Baby.

The activity is to balance by handling a scoop as a cradle and a ball as a child. It is an activity that allows children to get used to scoops and learn how to balance them.

Recommended scripts. 

"Hold the stick and keep the ball on the stick. "

"Rock the baby side to side. "

"Put your baby to sleep." 

"Can you drop the baby?! No."


The children should be given enough space between each other.

B. Cook an Egg

The activity involves children throwing and receiving balls with a scoop. Encourage children to start throwing the ball not too high and raise it slowly. It is recommended to sit the children down and start the activity. Once they get used to it, they can proceed standing up.

Recommended scripts. 

"This time, you are going to cook an egg "

"by shaking the ball and throwing the ball in the air!!"

"Can you throw the egg too high?" 

"Can you throw it somewhere else? No."

"This time, you are going to squeeze the ball down"

"with the scoop and pull the ball back and scoop the ball!"


Keep enough distance between children.

C. Scoop the Ice Cream

In this activity, children use a scoop to pull the ball towards themselves and then scoop it up. Demonstrate several times so that children can understand the activity well.

D. 'Scoop and Toss'

In this activity, two children face each other and use a scoop to roll a ball back and forth. Encourage the children to use a scoop to do activities. Give enough distance between children.

Recommended scripts. 

"We are going to play pass with our friends."

"You put the ball on the stick,  lower your stick and

 bring the stick back and roll the ball to your friend. "

"Your friend scoops the ball and  catches it on the stick!"

 "Keep going back and forth!"


Children are likely to use their hands, so guide them well and let them use the scoop.

E. Dribble the Ball with the Stick

The objective of this activity is to place the ball on the ground and then use the scoop to drag the ball towards. 

Children have to drag the ball to the scoop and go around the target and come back. 

Instruct the children to avoid hitting the ball and roll the ball straight. 

Encourage the children to be polite when passing the scoop to each other.

Recommended scripts. 

"Stand on the plate. Put the ball on the ground"

"and put the stick behind the ball."

 "Dribble dribble around the cone but can you hit the ball? No."

"Use small touches. Pass the stick nicely to your friend"

 "and then go behind your friend".


You need to give enough space to children so that they can proceed smoothly.

F. 'Use two sticks to pick up the balls'.

In this activity, children use two scoops to pick up balls of matching colors and place them into a basket. Children are not allowed to use their hands. The teacher should demonstrate an incorrect example to clarify the rules. To add to the fun, a time limit can be set, and the teacher can count down the remaining time.

Recommended scripts.

You get to use two sticks this time.

I'm going to split you into 2 teams. 

If you are on the Red team, you can only pick up

your color ball. What color is your ball? 

You can only pick the red ball! 

Put the red balls into your basket.


Instruct the children not to run during the activity to avoid accidents. 


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