Welcome to our children's physical education program.We provide various programs that use equipment to help children learn English and develop physically while having fun.In this orientation, we will provide you with some essential guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable class.

Before starting the class, please check the following things.

1.Check the teacher's clothing to ensure it is suitable for leading physical education classes.

2.Check the equipment to ensure it is in good condition and functioning properly.

3.Arrange the equipment at appropriate intervals by viewing and referring to the characteristics of each device in a video.

4.Remove any surrounding obstacles and dangerous objects to create a safe environment for the children.

Make sure there are no safety threats.

5.Prepare exciting music to motivate the children and create a positive atmosphere.

During the class, please consider the following.

1.Safely lead the children to designated positions and have them sit down to start the class.

2.Sit at the children's level and start the class.A seated start to the class makes it easier for children to focus as their eye level is matched with the teacher's,and it can also create a more approachable atmosphere.

3.Check for any dangerous situations that may arise and take appropriate measures to prevent them.

4.Constantly engage and maintain the concentration of children.

5.Maintain a pleasant expression and voice to create a positive atmosphere and ensure that children feel comfortable.

6.Check the time regularly to ensure that the class runs smoothly.

7.Be careful to prevent children from getting injured and respond appropriately if an accident occurs.

8.Place appropriate activity personnel in consideration of the available space.

After class, please consider the following.

1.Put the equipment in order and store it properly.

2.Clean up the surroundings to maintain a safe and clean environment for the next class.

3.Based on today's experience, prepare for the next class to ensure that it is even better than the last.

We hope that this orientation has provided you with valuable information that will enable you to conduct safe and enjoyablephysical education classes for children.

Thank you for choosing our program and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.


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